Living and Non-living Things

    Living and Non-Living Things

  1. Living Things

  2. Non-Living Things

Wherever we live in this world,we see many things around us.

These are trees ,animals, toys, computer, house, building, cars, aeroplane, flowers, mountain, river, etc .The list endless.

Living and Non-Living things
Living and Non-Living things

Some these are living, while other are not .So they can be divided into two groups:

  • Living Things
  • Non-living Things

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Life have living things. They grow, eat, feel, breathe, and die .For example human beings, plants, animal, trees, birds, etc.

  •  Move

Living things move on their own . Their movements show that they are alive .

Different living things move in different ways. For example, human beings and animals like cats, dog and elephant walk or run, birds fly, frogs, hop or jump.

While plants show their movement in some of their parts but .Plant like “touch-me-not ” show movement upon touching and sunflower turns towards the sun.

  •  Need food

Food and water  animal to live and grow.

Food provides energy to them .Some animal like goats , rabbit ,and cows eat plants .Lion, tiger wolf and some other animals eat animal flesh.

All woman being and animal like bear, dog, cat eat both plants and the animal.

Living things
Need Food

We can say human beings and animals depend directly or indirectly on plants .But plants make their own food with the help of air , water and sunlight.

  •  Grow

Living things grow. They grow and change their shape and size as they get older.

A baby boy grows up to be a boy, who grows into man and then ,an old man.

A seed grows into a seedlings and gradually to a big tree .The egg of a frog grows into the tadpole and then changes into an adult frog.

So ,all human beings, plants and animals grow.

Living Things
Living Things Grow
  • Breathe

Living things need air to breathe.

Living things have some special organs in their body for breathing. Human beings breathe through lungs and nose.

And, animals breathe through their nose, lung, gills, skin or air-hole. Plants breathe through stomata.

Lungs Breathe
  • Reproduce

All living things reproduce another living things of their own kind. This is called reproduction.

Human reproduce by giving birth to babies. Animal reproduce by laying eggs or by giving birth to babies. 

And, plant reproduce through seeds or other body parts.

Living things
  • Feeling

Living things feel the change around them. Cockroach and butterfly have which help them feel changes around them.

If somebody prick your hand with a pin, you feel pain and pull your hand away quickly .

The same way if we prick the leg of our pet dog, it draws its leg at once and runs away. Plant also have a sense of touch .

If we touch a ‘touch-me-not’, it’s leaves close immediately.


Living Things

  • Die

Living things grow and finally die. A man dies in old age.

Animals dei after they get old. Plant also die. It means living things have a fixed life span .

Living Things

Non-living things have no life.

They do not grow, breathe, move, or reproduce. For example table, chair, cup, fan, computer,etc.

There are two type of non- living things: natural and man- made.

  • Natural Non-living things

Thing that are made by nature are called natural things .For example: mountain, sun, stars, rivers, cloud, etc.

  • Man-Made Non-living things:

Man-made things are those which are made by human beings.

For example chair, car ,table, computer, television, toys, etc.

Non-Living Things
Man-Made Non-Living Things


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